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Millions of Stimulus Dollars come to Nevada

KLAS 6/2/10 - More stimulus money is headed to the state to fix the roads. So far, more than $200 million has been awarded to Nevada.

While it may mean some short term traffic tie ups, in the long run, it equals road improvements, a lot of new construction jobs, and a boom for some local businesses.

Nevada recovery road funds could create or sustain as many as 5,600 jobs.

Mary Martini, the head engineer for the Las Vegas area at the Nevada Department of Transportation, says from landscaping to paving roads, this is providing jobs.

"Let's just say you are doing a paving job, you need a paving crew, which is four to six people, you need trucks to haul the mix, so you've got 20 to 30 truck drivers, you need to have a plant that's producing the mix, so you've got a dozen workers there," she said.

Martini takes tours throughout Clark County to see where this money is going and some of the projects already in the works.

Aside from jobs, places near work sites, like Lou's Family Diner, are also set to benefit from these projects.

"I think it would ripple down to everybody. If you stop and think about it, the convenience store, they'd run and get their pop and they'd have lunch here. We serve breakfast and lunch all day long. I think it would help everyone," said owner Lou Lauber.

Lauber waitressed here for 25 years, then bought this diner 13 years ago. She's hoping being so close to a work site will lure some workers to her diner.

The first recovery work started last July, but with 90-percent of projects awarded to contractors and warmer weather, expect projects to start popping up throughout southern Nevada.

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