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Las Vegas Sun: Light-hearted ribbing marks Nevada delegation’s first meeting

Washington — 

Nevada’s delegation revived a tradition that’s been dormant for at least a congressional session Wednesday afternoon when they met en masse to talk through state issues in a room off the Senate floor.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that Nevada has a much larger congressional delegation than we’ve ever had before, and it’s important that we work together,” Sen. Harry Reid, the dean of the delegation, said at a roundtable with his colleagues.

During a half-hour long discussion, the Silver State lawmakers agreed to work together to promote a group of public lands bills, starting with legislation to give Yerington about 12,500 acres of federal lands to develop as a copper mine in exchange for designating another 48,000 acres of Lyon County a wilderness area. A second bill would designate about 26,000 acres north of Winnemucca a wilderness area. A third bill, to purchase federal land for the Three Kids Mine cleanup in Henderson, will likely join that set in the next few weeks.

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