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Is Angle too conservative for conservatives?

My News 4, 6/10/10 - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is facing stiff criticism for her views from some well-respected Nevada Republicans who, just one day after the general election, are already shunning the Tea Party Express backed candidate.

Since Angle entered the race for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's seat, some Republicans have said she is too far right. Even before the dust settled on Tuesday's election, it was clear that Sharron Angle will face an uphill battle to gain widespread Republican support.

One of the first to come out against Angle was Reno Mayor Bob Cashell.

"I think Sharron Angle is too far to the right for me," said Cashell. "She's an ultra right winger and I can't support her."

Cashell, who until yesterday was a Sue Lowden supporter, says he's willing to go door-to-door to get Harry Reid re-elected.

"Harry's done a great job for our state. I don't want a freshman senator back there that's so far to the right, I can't stand it." (Watch Cashell's interview here.)

News 4 also contacted long-time Nevada State Senate Majority Leader, also one of Angle's former primary opponents Bill Raggio.

Raggio says he expects Angle to have lots of problems with moderate Republicans in the general election. He also says Angle's top two opponents in the primary received more combined votes than the winner. That may indicate Angle has a lot of work to do to sway voters before November.

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