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GOP Candidate in Nevada Defends Tax on Veterans

Roll Call, 6/2/10 - With a Democratic political action committee coming after her, former Nevada GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden hit back Wednesday against a critical ad that accuses her of seeking to tax veterans who want to be buried in military cemeteries...

On a hastily arranged conference call with reporters, Lowden accused Reid’s campaign of being behind the ad...

But Lowden acknowledged and defended her decision to propose a $100 fee on noncombat veterans seeking to be buried in military cemeteries when she chaired the state Senate Taxation Committee.

“Sue Lowden’s record on taxes is out of touch ... and outrageous. The [Las Vegas] Review-Journal says Lowden voted to raise taxes and fees on everything from water distribution to slot machines,” the ad states. “But the very worst? Lowden tried to charge a fee ... on the burials of our veterans. The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars opposed Lowden’s plan. Punish veterans by charging for burials? Sue Lowden and taxes — out of touch and outrageous...”

The PAC first ran ads against Lowden for comments she made indicating the solution to rising health care costs might be bartering between patients and doctors, and she used a chicken as an example.
Reporters asked Reid about the ad Wednesday, after he participated in early voting in Las Vegas.

“I, of course, have no relationship with any PAC that’s running ads period, so I don’t know about that,” Reid said.

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