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The fight for Nevada

There are a number of important Senate races up for grabs around the country, but here in Nevada, it all comes down to one irrefutable fact: We have to stop Sharron Angle.

The fight against Tea Party extremism begins in Nevada, where this radical right-winger raised $14 million last quarter to run negative ads that have been called everything from plain false to outright racist. And in October alone, she’s added another $3 million to her war chest.

Will you make a one-time emergency contribution of $5 or more to help me stand up to Sharron Angle, her multi-million dollar war chest, and her wealthy Tea Party backers?

I need your help right now. If we’re going to stop the Tea Party from taking over our country, we have to start by stopping Sharron Angle in Nevada.

It’s important that you understand who my opponent truly is:

  • She would force rape victims to have their attacker’s baby, saying they should make lemonade out of a lemon situation.
  • She wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, calling them wicked.
  • She doesn’t think it’s a senator’s job to create jobs, and even called unemployed Americans spoiled.

A U.S. Senate term is six years. We cannot afford to give this dangerous radical six years in power.

Stop Sharron Angle - make a small, secure online contribution right now by clicking here. But hurry - time is running out!

This race is neck-and-neck. And in less than 100 hours, Sharron Angle could be proclaiming herself the senator-elect from Nevada. Her victory would open the floodgates for more crazy rhetoric, more dangerous ideas, and more Tea Party extremism in the U.S. Senate.

We cannot let that happen.

Please contribute today - it’s us against Sharron Angle’s $17 million smear fund.

Thank you for your support - but please hurry, time is running out.

Sen. Harry Reid

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