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Sunday is a great day

Sunday is a great day for a lot of things.

For some of us, it means heading to church followed by a tasty breakfast at a local spot with the family. For others, it means reading the Sunday paper, relaxing with a cup of coffee, and re-charging our batteries for the coming week. And for many, it means getting up to watch NFL football -- and obsessively checking in on our fantasy football team.

But today, there's an important task to attend to -- getting out to vote and making your voice heard! So as your day unfolds, and you're planning those errands you didn't get to this week, click here to find your early voting location and GO VOTE TODAY!

If you prefer to get information over the phone, call 1-888-525-VOTE (8683) now.

Thank you so much, and remember -- all our hard work is coming down to the next 9 days. Head to the polls, bring family and a friend, and make your voice heard.


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