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Sharron Angle is so far right, it’s just plain wrong

It's this season's hottest new trend: Republicans nominating candidates so far to the right, they're practically falling off the map.

You might be familiar with Rand Paul, the Kentucky candidate who went so far as to question the Civil Rights Act.

Well, meet Sharron Angle. She's the newly-minted Republican nominee to run against Senator Reid - and she makes Rand Paul look like a reasoned moderate.

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Sharron Angle is so far right, it's just plain wrong:

  • She wants to repeal health care reform and let insurance companies run wild, kicking hundreds of thousands of Nevadans to the curb and making it possible for insurers to deny care to sick kids.
  • She thinks the solution to Wall Street's colossal failure is to give the big banks more freedom to destroy our economy and rip off Nevada families with their risky schemes.
  • She wants to cut Social Security benefits to fund more tax cuts for multi-millionaires, devastating Nevada Seniors.
  • She doesn't even believe that climate change is caused by humans...yes, really.

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Of course, Sharron Angle's record shows that she's not just too radical for Nevada - she's not much of a legislator. She was selected as the worst of 11 freshman assembly members, earning a D+ in a report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Even her colleagues call her "wacky" - maybe because she proposes things like giving massages to prisoners.

But that won't stop national Republicans from putting everything they have into a nasty smear campaign to beat Senator Reid and put this arch-conservative in the Senate. Let's show them that Nevada is no place for radicals like Sharron Angle.

Yours truly,


Brandon Hall
Campaign Manager
Friends for Harry Reid

P.S. - Oh, did I mention that, in addition to opposing health care and Wall St. reform and supporting the privatization of Social Security, Sharron Angle supports shipping nuclear waste to Nevada's Yucca Mountain? Republicans and their new Tea Party overlords really found a gem this time - let's show them we're standing with Senator Reid. Make a contribution today!

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