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Setting the Record Straight: Reid Relates to Struggling Nevadans

CLAIM: “Upset about losing your job? Harry Reid thinks you're a ‘selfish little child’”

FACT: Reid was explaining how he can relate to Nevadans struggling in today’s economy, because he grew up in a family that struggled.

1.Reid wasn’t criticizing people who are struggling in the economy and frustrated about it. He was explaining that he understood the frustration of Nevadans who are struggling in these tough economic times and are frustrated because of it. [CBS News, 10/8/10]

2.     Harry Reid grew up poor in Searchlight – his father was a hard-rock miner who didn’t always get paid for the work he did and his mother took in wash from the brothels to supplement the family income. [Las Vegas Review-Journal, The First 100 Persons That Shaped Southern Nevada, Harry Reid; Huffington Post, Harry Reid, The Good Fight, 4/30/08]

3.     Harry Reid never forgot what it was like to struggle, which is why he works so hard to help Nevadans get back to work in these tough times. [AOL News, Harry Reid Op/Ed, 10/7/10]

4.     Sharron Angle, on the other hand, says it’s not her job to fight for jobs for Nevada, wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help save 22,000 jobs at CityCenter and wouldn’t have saved 1,400 education jobs because Nevada has too many teachers and those jobs aren't important. [Elko County Forum, 05/11/10; KXNT, 7/7/10; Fox Business News, 8/9/10 ; The Roger Hedgecock Show, 8/9/10]

5.     Angle’s attack is particularly hypocritical, since she actually called people struggling to get by on unemployment insurance “spoiled” and said they “want to be dependent on the government.” [KRNV, 5/25/10; KDWN, Heidi Harris in the Morning, 6/2/10]

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