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Las Vegas Sun: Boulder City’s Gene Segerblom, a former Nevada assemblywoman, dies at 94

Among the works of noted Southern Nevada artist/photographer Cliff Segerblom is a poignant 1941 photo he took of his wife, Gene, sitting at the edge of a cliff near Boulder Dam, gazing with wonder and hope, perhaps toward the distant future.

As a four-term Nevada assemblywoman representing Boulder City, Searchlight and Laughlin, Gene Segerblom played a vital role in shaping that future — always displaying great respect and admiration for that modern wonder-of-the-world dam and the rest of old Nevada, and what they meant to modern Nevada.

“Without the dam, there is no question there would not have been the growth experienced throughout the valley,” Gene Segerblom told the Sun in a Sept. 24, 1995, story about the 60th anniversary of the iconic structure.

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