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I hope the Academy is watching

I've known Harry Reid for years - and I've never met anyone who cares more, or fights harder, for Nevada families. Whether you're a performer on the Strip or a fighter pilot at Nellis - a stay-at-home parent in Elko or a teacher in Reno - Senator Reid is fighting for you. That's why I'm so proud to fight for him.

All my juice in the comedy world could never get $200 million dollars in foreclosure assistance to help Nevadans stay in their homes. Truth be told, only Senator Reid has that kind of juice.

His opponent, on the other hand, has an altogether different kind of juice. So when his campaign asked me to lend my vocal talent to producing a commercial for Sharron Angle's new juice drink, I jumped at the chance - it's made with deMint and REAL LEMON SITUATIONS!!!

I hope the Academy is watching - click here to check out our new spot:

Crazy Juice

And after you're done watching that video, and you've caught your breath from being doubled over with all-consuming laughter, click here to chip in a few bucks to help Harry beat Sharron Angle and keep standing for us!

President Bush and Karl Rove wrecked Nevada's economy, now "Bush's Brain" (didn't he have his own? oh. right.) Rove is running millions in TV ads right here - funded by secret contributions from the same billionaires who profited from their disastrous economic policies.

I love comedy, but Bush, Rove, Angle and these extreme Tea Partiers cannot be laughed off - we've got to work together to defeat them! Click here to watch our new video and help out with a small, secure online contribution today.

Thanks so much for reading, and for your consideration.

Your best friend ever,


P.S. Angle has repeatedly talked about the possibility of an armed insurrection in America if she doesn't win at the ballot box. I'm not making this stuff up, believe me, I wish I was. I couldn't if I tried - it's just that CRAZY. Click here to donate $23, $47, or $68 to Harry's campaign today, he needs our help to finish the last month of the campaign strong - or TEXT JOIN TO 42779 to get breaking news from now until Election Day!

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