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Women for Harry Reid

Dear Women for Reid:

As co-chairs of Women for Harry Reid, we are proud to lend our support to Sen. Harry Reid’s re-election campaign – and we hope that you will join us.

As Nevada’s mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers, we see how Sen. Reid uses his clout every day as Senate Majority Leader to advocate on behalf of Nevada women and families.

He understands that the economic crisis is putting additional pressure on single mothers and two parent households alike, where it’s a struggle simply to put food on the table, pay for child care, and make the rent or monthly mortgage payment.

That’s why he’s been one of our most powerful advocates for fair pay, passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and championing the Paycheck Fairness Act. As Senator Reid has said, there is “no reason anyone should take home a paycheck different from his or her coworker's based solely on that worker's gender, race, age, ethnicity or disability.”

That’s also why Sen. Reid is working so hard to expand access to quality, affordable health insurance. One of the first pieces of legislation he sent to President Obama’s desk was the expansion of S-CHIP, making 37,000 additional Nevada children eligible for quality health insurance.

Sen. Reid has also been a consistent leader fighting breast cancer, working for years to pass historic legislation that considers the links between this deadly disease and the environment.

He has also used his leadership position to make women safer by bringing home hundreds of thousands of dollars to Nevada to combat domestic violence and sexual assault. He understands that gender based violence is a clear violation of our civil rights.

Sen. Reid is working to ensure that women’s voices are heard at the highest levels of our government, leading the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, nominating Johnnie B. Rawlinson ,the first woman to serve on the Federal bench in Nevada and followed by his most recent choice of Gloria Navarro to serve as a Federal Judge.

These are just a few examples of Sen. Reid’s track record standing up for the issues that matter to Nevada’s women.

And for those reasons and others, we ask that you join the scores of Nevada’s Democratic, Republican and Independent women from every region of the state to be a part of Women for Harry Reid.

There is no doubt that his leadership is crucial, especially during these difficult times, for all Nevada’s families.

Thank you,

Frankie Sue Del Papa
Former Nevada Attorney General

Amy Ayoub
CEO of Ayoub and Associates

Valerie Wiener
Nevada State Senator

Punam Mathur
Vice President, Human Resources for NV Energy

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