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Veterans for Harry Reid

Veteranos por Harry Reid

"In my experience, no one has supported the military in Nevada more effectively than Senator Reid. He brought American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars to Nevada installations to upgrade aging infrastructure, and he worked with military leaders to simultaneously promote clean energy while protecting Nevada’s important role in military readiness. Leveraging his leadership position in the Senate, Sen. Reid prevented the closure of the Hawthorne Army Depot and the realignment of the Nevada Air National Guard. In addition to protecting those jobs, Nellis Air Force base will gain more than 1,000 military and civilian personnel and the Fallon Naval Air Station will continue to serve as the Fleet Readiness Center for the West. Most importantly to me, he supported veterans and families with improved health care and education benefits—my son is one of many attending college through the post-9/11 GI Bill. I’m proud to stand with Harry Reid."
Howard (Dave) Belote, Colonel, USAF (ret)

Dear fellow Nevada Veterans:

Senator Harry Reid understands that support for America’s men and women in uniform means standing up for them not only while they serve overseas, but when they return home to their loved ones. Whether it’s providing GIs with access to affordable healthcare, new educational opportunities, or protecting retirement pay, he puts those who serve their country first.

Nevada’s veteran population has been one of the fastest growing in the nation—about one in six Nevadans are veterans. That’s why as Nevada veterans and members of the Veterans for Harry Reid Steering Committee, we are asking you to join us in support of our state’s senior senator. We know that only Senator Reid has the clout required to deliver for this state’s veteran community when it matters most.

Take a moment to explore this web page to learn exactly how Senator Reid has used his leadership position to keep his promises to Nevada’s veterans, including delivering the necessary funding for a first class VA hospital in Clark County, on time to be completed in 2012. Once you do, we hope that you will add your voice to ours—we are both veterans and active military personnel, individuals and veterans’ organizations alike that support Senator Reid for his track record of service to those who wear the uniform.

By standing strong for Senator Reid now, we can ensure he will continue to stand strong for us in the future.


Veterans for Harry Reid Steering Committee

Northern NV
Captain Tom Baker, US ARMY (ret)
Major General Tony Clark, USAF (ret)
Captain Robert Crowell, US Navy (ret)
Col. Chuck Fulkerson, US Army (ret)
CMSgt. Nancy Price, Reno Air National Guard (ret)
Sergeant Doug Smith, US Marine Corps (ret)
Southern NV
State Senator Terry Care, U.S. Army (ret)
Chief Petty Officer (EOD) Ray Pedraza, Navy (ret)
Michael Dakduk, Vice President, Student Veterans of America, Veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq
SSgt Valerie Smith, USAF (ret)
SSgt Sharon Dixon, Order of the Purple Heart