Sportsmen for Harry Reid

“I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Senator Reid in our fight to protect the Second Amendment.” – Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association

Dear fellow Nevada sportsman:

Senator Harry Reid is a champion of the Second Amendment, a devoted advocate of hunting and wildlife, and our strongest advocate in Congress. As a lifelong gun-owner, he understands the importance of Second Amendment rights and the critical role that these freedoms have played in our state's history. It’s part of who we are as Nevadans.

In recent years, Senator Reid led efforts to create the world's finest shooting range right here in our state. He delivered the land and the funding for the Clark County Shooting Park which now serves hunters and shooters from around our state and all across the country.

Harry Reid is also staunchly opposed to the so-called assault weapons ban, played a critical role in passing a law to protect gun manufacturers from junk lawsuits, and consistently votes to protect Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights. In recognition of his work, the National Rifle Association asked Nevadans to thank Senator Reid for his lifelong commitment to the protecting these crucial liberties, calling him “a true champion of the Second Amendment.”

Protecting opportunities for hunting and fishing have always been priorities for Harry Reid. When a court tried to take away Nevada's ability to regulate hunting and fishing within its own borders, Reid stepped in and passed national legislation that reinstated each state’s right to regulate hunting and fishing as they see fit. He has also brought millions of dollars to Nevada to support the recovery of the Lahontan cuthroat trout, our state fish, and to fund the construction of large game water guzzlers in mountain ranges around the state.

“He’s absolutely saved hunting as we know it.” – Larry Johnson

Harry Reid learned how to hunt and shoot as a young man, right here in Nevada. Today, he's fighting to protect the Second Amendment and to make sure that Nevadans will always have opportunities for hunting and fishing and accessing our state's incredible open spaces. We support his reelection and ask you to join us.

–Sportsmen for Harry Reid Committee

Allan Ashton, Washoe
Faye Barber, Elko
Vartan Barsoumian, Clark County
Janet Blankenship, Churchill
Tom Blankenship, Churchill
Margaret Borso, Lyon
Warren Burns, Washoe
John Cahill, Clark
Andy Cosgrove, Clark
Geoff Croyle, Washoe
Dick Davis, Carson City
Sara Elsing, Clark
Oscar Espinoza, Clark
Darrell Fagg, Clark
Charles Falkenroth, Washoe
Gary Fisher, Clark
Chuck Fulkerson, Washoe
Kenneth Gordo, Washoe
John Hanifan, Churchill
Starlene Hanifan, Churchill
Alonza Hanks, Washoe
Stephen Harrison, Clark
Terrance Hubert, Washoe
Jim Jeffress, Pershing
Jeff Johnson, Clark
Larry Johnson, Washoe
Mary Johnson, Washoe
Ronald Jones, Clark

Eugene Kaeck, Washoe
Richard Krenzer, Clark
Sandi Krenzer, Clark
Jack Mallory, Clark
John McArthur, Churchill
Taylor Mcclung, Washoe
Paul McKenzie, Washoe
Benjamin Mesa, Washoe
Craig Miller, Clark
Richard Miller, Clark
William Molini, Washoe
Charles Musser, Clark
Randy Osborn, Carson City
David Phillips, Clark
Dale Porter, Elko
Thomas Porter, Lyon
William Robinson, Clark
David Rowe, Clark
Leslie Strong, Clark
Gregg Tanner, Churchill
Carolyn Tanner, Elko
George Ullom, Clark
Darhyl Vann, Clark
Virginia Vesey, Clark
Loyal Watkins, Nye
Chase Whittemore, Washoe
David Wilson, Washoe
Fred Wright, Washoe