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Seniors for Reid

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Dear Nevada Seniors,

There is no doubt that we are facing tough economic times—we have seen and lived through times like these before. Far too many of Nevada’s seniors, especially those living on fixed incomes, are having trouble meeting their daily needs – whether it’s putting food on the dinner table, paying for prescription drug medications, or meeting the utility bills. What’s more, the economic crisis has eroded the very security and stability that many have counted on their whole lives, as the 401Ks and pensions of those on Main Street have bore the brunt of the irresponsibility on Wall Street.

To get us through these challenges , we need strong leadership. Senator Reid has demonstrated over decades that he possesses the determination to make a difference. Senator Reid remains committed to building on his solid track record of delivering for Nevada’s senior citizens. Whether it is eliminating the source tax or protecting and expanding our health insurance benefits in the monumental health insurance reform legislation currently being debated in the Senate, Senator Reid has stood with us on the issues that matter.

As Senate Majority Leader, he will continue to stand up to the special interests that seek to undermine retirement security and the hard won benefits that older Americans both expect and deserve.

It’s more important than ever to keep our promises to our nation’s senior citizens. Please join us as Seniors for Harry Reid today.


Seniors for Harry Reid

Northern Nevada Steering Committee
Janice Ayres, Nevada Senior Corps Association President
Jo Etta Brown, Alliance for Retired Americans National Regional Board Member
John Squire Drendel, Retired Attorney
Betty Munley, Senior Issues Activist
Scott Watts, Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans President
Southern Nevada Steering Committee
Rich Miller, President of Sun City Anthem Democrats
Hannah Brown, President of 100 Black Women
Lucy Peres, Silver Haired Congress
Mike Aupperle, Retired Machinists Union
Rozita Lee, President of the Asian Pacific Forum