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Sen. Reid responds to your questions

My News 4, 10/18/10 - The US Senate race between Sen. Harry Reid and Sharron Angle is close and contentious. And after their first-- and only-- debate last week, viewers had more questions about the candidates' views.

News 4 spent much of the day Friday trying to reach both candidates, asking for answers to four specific questions. Sen. Reid's campaign representatives responded with answers late Friday afternoon. But despite repeated attempts to reach Sharron Angle's representatives, there has been no response from her campaign.

Should critical bills such as appropriation bills for our military have attachments on them that force other Senators to vote against it and why do you call a vote on a bill before everyone has had a chance to read the bill, especially the Healthcare and Stimulus bills? - Jim

"Every bill I work on is done with Nevada in mind. Creating jobs and diversifying Nevada's economy were foremost on my mind when we passed the economic recovery act. The recovery act cut taxes for 98% of Nevadans, created or saved 34,000 jobs here in Nevada, and delivered millions for job-creating clean energy projects. Times are tough, and we have a lot more work to do, but independent economists-including John McCain's economic advisor-have said things would be much worse if it weren't for the Recovery Act."

"As for healthcare, while the bill isn't perfect, it finally gave control of our medical decisions back to patients, and not the big insurance companies that my opponent seems intent on defending. Just the other day a story came out that said as a result of health reform, nearly 300,000 Nevadans will be eligible for a tax cut. That's just one of the many benefits for Nevada in the bill.
To be clear, the debate on health reform was one of the longest, most transparent, and most widely debated issues that Congress dealt with in history. Members of Congress had months to read the bill, and every one of them did."

Would you favor eliminating the Congressional private medical & retirement programs for all past & present congressional members and Staff; And have them participate in Social Security & Medicare with the same retirement requirements and benefits that ALL eligible US citizens partake in today? - Roger from Gardnerville

"Despite what Sharron Angle would like you to believe, government employees like myself and my staff pay into Social Security and Medicare just like everyone else. I find it very hypocritical that my opponent wants to kill Social Security, Medicare, and end the VA as we know it, but currently lives off her husband's government pension. As for private medical plans, the exchange that I choose my healthcare plan from is a good one, and that's why we passed a law creating the same kind of exchange for all Americans. I don't want to take away programs that work; I want to make more people eligible for those programs."

Do you believe in the Constitution as it stands today, or do want to change it? - Bruce from Sparks

"Our founding fathers did a truly amazing thing when they wrote the Constitution. They managed to set up the greatest form of government in the world, without being able to anticipate half of the challenges we'd face as a nation over the coming centuries. I don't think changing the Constitution is something that should happen often, or be taken lightly. Only when the most serious situations arise should it even be considered, for example, abolishing slavery or giving women the right to vote."

Over the last few months the voters have seen an enormous number of ads from both of you attacking each other. Is this the behavior we can expect from you as a U.S. Senator? - Andrew from Silver Springs

"In this campaign I have run 12 positive or biographical ads, Sharron Angle has run zero. That's because I have a positive vision for Nevada's future, and our campaign has talked about it in a dozen of my ads. We've also shown the very clear choice voters have between me and my opponent. The most ironic part of this is all the ads that Sharron Angle is upset about are simply her own words repeated back to Nevada. If I had views as extreme as hers, I would probably be upset too."


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