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Reid: “Leave Social Security Alone”

FireDogLake, 3/17/11 - Harry Reid appears to be the only thing standing between the nation and cuts to Social Security benefits. There was a sense that Democrats has a twinge of the self-preservation instinct kick in, and moved to separate Social Security from larger budget negotiations. But we learned that the economic policy people at the White House still think it’s a good idea, and who knows what some of the ConservaDems are thinking. A dedicated industry designed to demonize the successful federal program has Americans thinking it’s in crisis, when the truth is far from that. They may not have brainwashed folks into believing that cutting benefits makes sense when there are options on the payroll tax cap side, but they may have convinced most of Washington, and that’s what matters.

Really the only person standing astride this is Reid, who just wants to take Social Security off the table.

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