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Latinos for Harry Reid

Latinos por Harry Reid

As your Senator and Majority Leader of the United States Senate, I represent all Nevadans. Our great state is blessed to enjoy a diverse population of citizens and cultures. And while we may have different backgrounds, I think we all really want the same things - a good job, a high-quality education for our kids, and a secure future for our family.

As the race continues, we'll be launching a series of grassroots constituency groups for Nevadans of all backgrounds to get involved and participate with our campaign on the issues and causes that are most important to them. Today, I'm happy to announce the launch of one of these groups - Latinos for Harry Reid.

While we are weathering tough economic storms, the American Dream is not out of reach. I am ensuring that we do all we can to create jobs, invest in renewable energy, improve our childrens' education, and reduce the cost of health insurance. I am fighting for comprehensive immigration reform that will protect our borders while also protecting the fabric of the rich immigrant history that founded our nation.

As someone who grew up in the small mining town of Searchlight, Nevada, education changed my life and allowed me to rise to the position I'm in today. My home was no more than a little cabin without hot water and neither of my parents finished high school. Yet I was able to transform my life thanks to dedicated teachers and a lot of hard work.

It is in part because of my life experience, that I am such a staunch proponent of programs that will reduce Nevada’s high school drop-out rate. I am also a proud co-sponsor of the Dream Act, legislation that would provide equal access to educational opportunities for every child in America. A few years ago, while on a visit to Spring Valley I meant a young Hispanic student. After I finished talking I noticed she wanted to speak with me. She told me she was the best student in her class. But after graduation, she would not be able to go to college. She was undocumented. I do not know what happened to her, but I have thought about her many times. The Dream Act is about students like her. A bright student like her should have a shot at success and an opportunity to contribute to our economy and our society.

I am proud to introduce my campaign website to you. You will be an important voice as this election moves forward. Please join me and send me your thoughts on how we can improve the information provided to you on this website.

Senator Harry Reid