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To Senator Reid, supporting the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardsman deployed overseas and when they come home is not an option – it’s required.

Every day Americans enlist to serve in our all-volunteer forces, and when they do, Senator Reid believes the rest of us make an implicit agreement with those men and women that we will never forget the service they have given nor will we fail to provide the benefits they have earned.

Senator Reid fought for the 21st Century G.I. Bill in the Senate so Nevada’s veterans could receive assistance readjusting to civilian life and an education to get a leg up in the workplace. With thousands of Americans already back or on their way home from Iraq and Afghanistan, the 21st Century G.I. bill was essential to ensuring that our country takes care of our veterans.

When it became obvious that Nevada needed more beds at VA hospitals, Senator Reid moved swiftly to ensure we could keep up with the increasing number of veterans that are receiving medical treatment in Veterans Administration facilities, securing more than $600 million for a new VA hospital in Nevada. When it’s completed in 2012, the Southern Nevada Health Care System Medical Center will have 90 beds for inpatient care, a center for ambulatory care, a nursing home care unit capable of serving 120 patients and space for Veterans Benefits Administration offices. Sen. Reid has also pushed for and passed legislation to take care of our homeless veterans, providing employment training and reintegration resources to struggling Americans who have more than earned some assistance getting back on their feet.

Senator Reid has also been fighting to end the unfair practice of denying veterans some or all of their retirement benefits if they also receive disability payments. The men and women who've served our country in uniform deserve every dime of their benefits, and should not be penalized because they also happen to be disabled. Senator Reid's leadership has already led to restoring retirement benefits to all veterans who are 100 percent disabled, and he continues to fight to restore full retirement benefits to all disabled veterans.