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Middle class families in Nevada are struggling. For eight years the Bush administration drove our economy into a steep ditch, and ever since Senator Reid and President Obama have been working together to turn things around and get our economy moving again.

Senator Reid is committed to keeping taxes low for Nevada’s families. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which Senator Reid led the Senate to pass, will put more than $500 million back in the pockets of nearly 1 million hard-working Nevada families. Reid also led the Senate extending tax credits for middle-class Nevada families, including the child care tax credit and marriage penalty relief.

Not long after Senator Reid first came to Congress, he heard from casino workers who were being unfairly treated by the Internal Revenue Service. Their stories inspired Reid to co-author the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which reformed the IRS to make it more taxpayer-friendly. Years later, Reid helped author and pass a second Taxpayer Bill of Rights that required the IRS to be more accurate, timely and fair when dealing with taxpayers.

Senator Reid has long supported reducing the tax burden on Nevada’s middle class. He’s fought for the child tax credit and the ten percent tax bracket while working to fix the AMT tax so it didn’t unfairly penalize over 25 million Americans who were never meant to pay the Alternative Minimum tax in the first place. Reid has received praise from both Republicans and Democrats for leading the effort to make the sales tax deduction permanent, allowing Nevadans to deduct state sales taxes when computing their federal income tax. 440,000 Nevadans rely on the sales tax deduction to reduce their federal income tax burden. The deduction was set to expire in 2009.

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