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Harry Reid has always been a friend to Nevada’s Sportsmen. When a court tried to interfere with the way Nevada and other states regulate hunting and fishing in the state, Reid stepped in and passed legislation that preserved each state’s right to regulate hunting and fishing as they see fit.

Reid has also worked hard to help bolster wildlife populations in Nevada, including delivering millions of dollars to improve Nevada’s fisheries. Reid also played a key role in securing the nearly 3,000 acres for the Clark County Shooting Park, which allows gun enthusiasts to take advantage of a world-class facility and offers a wide range of firearms training and gun safety education programs.

Reid is also a strong defender of Nevadans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He has fought to protect gun manufacturers and sellers from junk lawsuits, oppose limits on gun ownership and preserve law-abiding Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights. Reid knows Nevadans cherish their constitutional right to bear arms will continue to be a powerful voice in the Senate on their behalf.

“Sen. Reid has a long record supporting the Second Amendment and Nevada’s traditions of hunting and shooting. It is a record of action, not campaign talk.” - John Cahill, Chairman, Nevada Outdoor Democrats

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