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Nevada is poised to be the nation’s clean energy leader and Senator Harry Reid is leading the way to make this a reality. What does this mean for Nevada? Jobs, thousands of them. Nevada’s abundant renewable energy potential will also help end our dependence on foreign oil while protecting Nevada’s outdoors Sen. Reid has a three part plan.

Expedite the Develop of Nevada’s Renewable Energy Sources
For two years in a row Senator Reid has convened a meeting of national leaders in Las Vegas to discuss the importance of developing the clean energy industry. In doing so, he has been able to highlight Nevada’s work on the national stage, making it clear that our state is the leader in this field.

Nevada has seventeen operating geothermal plants with more than 333 megawatts installed capacity – producing enough electricity for nearly 100,000 homes. There are an additional 111-megawatts of geothermal power currently under development.  Sen. Reid will continue use his position in the Senate to continue to develop geothermal energy in Nevada.

Nevada has more solar energy potential than any other state in the union and already is the leading state per capita in solar energy production.  Boulder City’s ‘Solar One’ is the third largest solar thermal plant in the world with a 64-megawatt capacity. Potentially, the site could generate 2,000 megawatts, or enough power for about a half-million people.  Sen. Reid's leadership ensured that solar investment tax credits were included and expanded, which have the potential to bring as many as 41,000 jobs to Nevada.

Build New Transmission Lines
To deliver renewable energy from rural locations to consumers, Nevada must build new transmission lines.  Sen. Reid’s Clean Renewable Energy and Economic Development Act is groundbreaking legislation that will ensure that Nevada reaps the full benefits of renewable energy.  Building new transmission lines will also create jobs and encourage more companies to build renewable energy plants here in Nevada.  Sen. Reid’s commitment to this issue will benefit Nevada’s economy and consumers for years to come.

Encourage Efficiency and Conservation
Sen. Reid believes that by increasing energy efficiency and conservation we can lower energy costs for all Nevadans.  That is why he has secured $37 million to help Nevadans make homes and buildings more energy efficient.  Sen. Reid also led the effort to extend tax credits for energy efficient appliances, homes and buildings, and expands incentives for consumer’s purchasing plug-in electric drive vehicles.

“Sen. Reid has demonstrated bold leadership in making renewable energy a national priority. His efforts will go a long way toward improving the economy by creating jobs, protecting our outdoors, and even strengthening national security.  Sen. Reid's transmission bill provides a solid framework from which to start working on policies that will help deliver large solar resources to consumers and businesses in Nevada and throughout America.”  -- Jim Barnhart, Senior VP for manufacturing for Ausra, Ausra has a facility in Las Vegas that produces reflectors for solar thermal power systems

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