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Senator Reid has always believed investing in our children’s future starts by investing in their education. With a proper educational foundation, our children can achieve anything they put their mind to. Reid has made providing that foundation one of his top priorities.

Ensuring quality schools.
Education is a critical aspect of strengthening our economy, and Senator Reid played an important role in securing $400 million in funding for Nevada’s schools, colleges and universities in the American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These flexible spending dollars will ensure that tuitions don’t rise, teachers don’t lose their jobs, and students have the best resources available to them.

Investing in math and science.
We also need to make sure Nevada’s students are on the cutting edge technological advancements and innovation. One of Reid’s top priorities is continuing the funding for science and math education and providing research opportunities for Nevada’s brightest students. Reid also secured funding to expand easy access to broadband Internet; further ensuring Nevadans have access to the skills and tools they need for a solid education and smooth transition to the workforce.

Opening doors for higher education.
A college degree is becoming more expensive, just as it’s becoming more necessary for success. Nevada’s families are already facing rising prices and dwindling savings – a college degree should not be a victim of the economic downturn. Sen. Reid has fought for more funding for student aid and Pell grants, expanded opportunities for loan forgiveness, lower student loan interest rates, and income-contingent repayment options.

Starting Early.
In Nevada, only 25% of the 10,000 three- and four-years eligible for Head Start are able to participate. Senator Reid helped pass legislation that expanded income-eliibility limits for Head Start – opening the doors to early education for tens of thousands of children in Nevada and across our country.

A Second Look at No Child Left Behind.
No Child Left Behind has been underfunded, overly punitive, and increasingly inflexible. Teachers and students are too focused on standardized tests, letting science, history, music and art be pushed aside for repetitive test preparation. NCLB is up for reauthorization in 2010, and while working to strengthen the law, Reid is committed to providing solutions to Nevada’s schools and ensuring Nevada school children succeed.

"We need innovative approaches to help improve student achievement and graduation rates, otherwise our secondary schools will continue to struggle to produce students ready for higher education and the workforce." - Senator Harry Reid

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