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Health Care Professionals for Harry Reid

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Dear fellow Nevadans:

America’s healthcare system is broken. That’s why Senator Harry Reid has led the charge to pass fiscally responsible health insurance reform that cuts costs, protects patients’ choice of their doctors and ensures quality affordable healthcare for all Americans.

If you like the health insurance you have, you can keep it. However, health insurance reform provides the kind of choices and competition currently lacking in today’s system.

And it does so in a fiscally responsible way. In fact, the Senate legislation, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, cuts the deficit by $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years.

It protects Nevada’s seniors by strengthening Medicare, extending the program’s solvency by 12 years while preserving 100% of guaranteed benefits, and lowering the cost of prescription drug medications. In fact, 58,200 Nevada Medicare beneficiaries are hit by the Medicare “donut hole” that can cost seniors an average of $4,080 per year. The legislation closes the “donut hole” over the next decade and provides a 50% discount on brand name prescription drugs and biologics for low and middle-income seniors. Furthermore, the legislation offers free recommended preventive care for 328,000 Nevada Medicare beneficiaries.

Additionally, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act drive down costs by covering the uninsured. Right now, Nevadans shoulder the hidden costs associated with the $335 million spent on uncompensated care in the state. By expanding coverage to the 518,000 uninsured Nevadans, the new law takes some of the pressure off of our state’s already cash strapped families.

Health insurance reform also invests in small business. While small firms make up 70% of Nevada’s businesses, only 49% of them offered health coverage benefits in 2008. One of the primary reasons for this is that the average small business pays nearly 20 percent more per worker than a larger company for the same healthcare policy. To address this, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provide tax credits that could assist 30,000 small businesses throughout the state to make premiums more affordable. There is no mandate on employers and small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will never face any penalties.

Finally, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act keep insurance companies honest. They will no longer be able to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions, being a woman, or getting older.

But most importantly, health insurance reform will ensure that medical decisions are made by patients and their doctors, not insurance company bureaucrats or anybody else.

"Taking your child to the doctor, filling a prescription or giving your workers health insurance should not have to be choices. They should not end in question marks. And that’s exactly why we are working to bring stability and security back to health care." -Senator Harry Reid


Health Care Professionals for Harry Reid
American Nurses Association
Dr. Javaid Anwar, CEO Quality Care Consultants
Dr. Joshua Bardin, MD FACS; Adjunct Clinical Professor of Physiology & Cell Biology
Pam J. Beal, Health Care Advocate
Dr. B Bottenburg, DO
Jackie Brown, Former Director of Susan G Komen
Dr. Jerry Cade
Dr. Ben Calderon
Teresa Crawford, RN
Dr. Michael Daines, MD; Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Heather DeMaris, RN
Dennis Dunn, Director, Nevada AIDS Project
Carole Fisher, CEO Nathan Adelson Hospice
Gary Fisher, Psychologist, UNR
Dr. Robert Futoran, Women's Cancer Center of Nevada
Dr. Ross Golding, MD
Dr. Brad Graves, MD
Justine Harrison, Health Care Advocate
Mylan Hawkins, Health Care Advocate
Dr. Debra Hendrickson, MD
Dr. Florence Jameson, OBGYN
Dr. Ikram Kahn, Healthcare consultant and former member Board of Regents
Tim Kearney, RN
Stephanie Kirby, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen
Dr. Noah Kohn
John Laub, Regenerative Medicine Organization & Nevada Biotechnology & Bioscience Consortium
Dr. James Lawrie, MD
Julie Lundsford, Pediatric Nurse
Jennifer Morss, Executive Director, Aid For AIDS of Nevada
Dr. Nafees Nagy, Founder, Nevada Cancer Centers
Dr. Frank Nemec, Gastrointerology Associates
Dr. Sukh Pannu, MD
Maureen Peckman, Executive Director, Keep Memory Alive Foundation
Dr. Mel Pohl, Las Vegas Recovery Center
Dr. Charles Price, MD
Sherri Rice, Health Care Advocate
Dr. John C. Ruckdeschel, Director and CEO of Nevada Cancer Institute
Larry Ruvo, Founder, Keep Memory Alive Foundation
Sam Schmidt, Founder, Sam Schmidt Foundation
Dr. Nick Spirtos, Women's Cancer Center of Nevada
Debra Toney, RN, President, National Black Nurses Association
Dr. William Torch, MD, MS

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