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Working for Nevada

Reid birthhome, Searchlight NVBorn and raised in the small desert mining town of Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid has spent his life fighting to ensure every American has the same opportunities for success that he has had despite his humble upbringing.

As a child, Reid’s father was a hard rock miner and his mother took in wash. Sen. Reid grew up in a small cabin without an indoor toilet and attended a two-room elementary school. Opportunity was scarce in Searchlight and Reid made the most of the chances he got: hitchhiking more than 40 miles as a teenager to attend the nearest high school and putting himself through law school by working nights as a U.S. Capitol police officer.

As the Democratic Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid is a powerful voice for Nevada. For more than two decades he fought against and finally ended the plan to make Yucca Mountain the nation’s nuclear waste dump. Reid is working to make Nevada the leader in renewable energy, and he stood up to keep more than 10,000 construction workers on the job during these tough economic times. Sen. Reid has delivered funding to keep cops on our streets and teachers in our classrooms. He secured hundreds of millions of dollars for a new VA hospital in Nevada and successfully fought attempts to close Nevada’s military bases.

Reid has always been a guy who gets things done, winning him praise from Democrats and Republicans alike. His Democratic colleagues unanimously elected him to lead the Senate and he has even received praise from Nevada’s top Republican political consultant, who said, “Sen. Reid has delivered results to our state like no other elected official in our state’s history.”

From Searchlight to Washington, D.C., Harry Reid’s unwavering commitment to Nevada has spanned four decades of public service. As Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Reid waged a legendary and unrelenting fight against the mob to clean up the gaming industry and make Las Vegas what it is today. As a young assemblyman, he introduced the first air pollution laws in state history and worked tirelessly to protect Nevada consumers. And at the young age of 30, Harry Reid served as Lt. Governor to one of Nevada’s most popular Governors, Mike O’Callaghan.

Sen. Reid still lives in Searchlight today. He is guided by the lessons and values he learned there. Throughout his service in public office, Harry Reid has made one thing very clear…he always puts Nevada first.

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